Bone Surgery


Bone Surgery

Bone Surgery

Bone surgery is very essential as some bones could be treated by wearing a cast, others cases may require you to carry out more invasive treatments like using metal screws, pins, rods, or plates to hold the bone in place. It's also known as open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) surgery. Bone Surgery facilities often stock many types of instruments and implants products to meet the various needs of the market. In this era of cost containment, product standardization is necessary for the financial well-being of all the companies providing these Bone Surgery instruments and implants. Therefore by following all the Standards set by the Governing Council & Body, our line of Bone Surgery products are standardized and the best quality products in the market.

Bone Surgery Implants

Bone Surgery Implants are used for healing the fractured bones. These Bone Surgery Implants hold the broken bones together and help the patient to recover and get back to good health as soon as possible. A wide range of Biofixation products is produced by Biomed Healthtech Pvt Ltd. These include Locking Plates, Biofixation Locking Screws, Interlocking Nails, Tibia Nails, Femur Nails, Self Tapping Bolts, Locking range, DHS Plates, DCP Plates, Screws & Bolts. Our Bone Surgery Implants, including the Titanium Bone Plates, are produced from high quality raw material. The Bone Surgery Implants available at Biomed Healthtech Pvt Ltd are available in various sizes, thickness, width and hole spacing, as per individual requirements of our valued patrons.

Bone Surgery Instruments

Bone Surgery Instruments are used to carry out procedures to fit Bone Surgery Implants in a patient undergoing Bone Surgery. Our line of Bone Surgery DHS-DCS Instruments Set contains Guide Pin 2.5 mm with Thread Tip (6 pieces) and the rest of the products in the set contain single pieces each of DHS Angle Guide, T-Handle with Quick Coupling, Direct Measuring Device, DHS Tripple Reamer, Wrench for DHS Screw, DHS Impactor, DHS Tap, Centering Sleeve for DHS Tap, Centering Sleeve for DHS Wrench, Coupling Screw for inserting DHS Screw, Guide Shaft for Coupling Screw, DCS Triple Reamer, DCS Angle Guide, Long Coupling Screw for DHS Screw Removal and Aluminum Carrying Box. The quality of the Bone Surgery Instruments available at Biomed Healthtech Pvt Ltd are above market standards and the best available in the market.

Products Range

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