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DHS-dcs Instruments


CODE NO : B.IM.S.011


Set contains  
Guide Pin 2.5 mm with Thread Tip 6 NO
DHS Angle Guide 1 NO
T-Handle with Quick Coupling 1 NO
Direct Measuring Device 1 NO
DHS Tripple Reamer 1 NO
Wrench for DHS Screw 1 NO
DHS Impactor 1 NO
DHS Tap 1 NO
Centering Sleeve for DHS Tap 1 NO
Centering Sleeve for DHS Wrench 1 NO
Coupling Screw for inserting DHS Screw 1 NO
Guide Shaft for Coupling Screw 1 NO
DCS Triple Reamer 1 NO
DCS Angle Guide 1 NO
Long Coupling Screw for DHS Screw Removal 1 NO
Aluminium Carrying Box 1 NO

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